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Graphic Design

Technical Proficiency

(and a wee bit of PHP)


Certificate of Achievement Web Design and Development

Certificate of Achievement Graphic Design


Daniels Wood Land

Daniels Wood Land is an award winning theming company that creates custom tree houses, shooting galleries and restaurant themes for clients around the world. Projects I worked on for the company included creating a replica of The Black Pearl for the premier of Disney's Dead Man's Chest. I also hand painted wood carvings, murals and faux painted furniture and walls. You may have seen there work which has been featured on HGTV and there own show Redwood Kings on Animal Planet. Visit there sight @ Daniels Wood Land

Weez Womp Designs

After working for 16 years in the service, sales and retail industry I decided to start my own clothing line that showcases my own artwork. As the Creative Director I oversee all aspects of the company which includes design, production, branding and sales.

Brandon Gallery

As a member of the Brandon Gallery I regularly produced art work for shows that changed every two months. I was responsible for sitting one day a month as a sales member and was put in charge of being the building manager. I also helped to hang art work for the other 28 members as well as guest artists that fluctuated monthly.